Visit Socotra
(Abdel and Loic good friend), native from Socotra and living in Hadibo,
can guide indiviual tourists all around the island.
As we think that tourism development on Socotra MUST benefit to local people, this webpage is for him.
He is fluent in english and has a good knowledge of Socotra, so he works regularly for the Tourism Office.
Good luck Mahdi !

guide socotra

*** Below is an example of an 8 days trip, so you can make your idea about costs ***
(8 days is the best duration to visit all the island - best period: february, march, april, may, october, november)

But this trip is an example only, but Mahdi can also propose:
- short trip (3 or 4 days), or long trip (10 days - 2 weeks and more)
- thematic trip, hiking trip, camel trip, depending on your interests
- for one single people, a family or a group of friends

So, contact him :
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1 week in Socotra Island

socotra travel map

Day 1: Hadibo, beach and sunset

Welcome at Socotra airport, on monday or friday morning flight. To have a quick preview of the island, we will visit the Socotra Ecotourism Society visitor information center at the airport. Then we will then go to the hotel in Hadibo to check in.

After lunch in a restaurant in Hadibo, we will visit Deleisha coast, not far from Hadibo: swimming in the sea and also in a freshwater lagoon, sleeping on pristine white sand, taking pictures of the landscape with a beautiful background of mountains. If you want to stay up to the night,  you will see a fabulous sunset from Deleisha. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Hadibo.

Day 2: Hiking around the Dragon Trees

After breakfast, we will go by 4x4 vehicle to Dixsam plateau and Shebahon viewpoint. Dixsam, located in the mountains in central Socotra, is famous for the endemic Dragon Blood trees. For the Shebahon viewpoint, you will enjoy a fabulous panorama on the Daerhu canyon. Then, we will go down (easy walk) to the wadi (river) and get lunch near the fresh water.Swimming is possible in the freshwater pools. At the end of the afternoon, driving to the camping site in Dixsam.    
dragonblood tree
 Day 3 Dunes and sea

After breakfast start hiking for 4-5  hour  from the camp sit to Hagehar, in the South Coast of Socotra. This itinerary maybe be also made by car. Lunch on the way. Arrive at Amek beach, a beach with blue waters and bright white dunes of sand (on the photo, you can see me in the dunes).
Dinner and overnight camping at Amek beach.

amek socotra

Day 4: Qalansyia/Detwah lagoon

After breakfast we drive from Amek beach to Qalansyia fishing village, very traditional. A few kilometers from Qalansyia, we go to the protected area of Detwah lagoon, probably the most famous landscape of Socotra. Swimming, sleeping under the sun, climbing the dunes, bird-watching...
Dinner and camping overnight in Detwah lagoon.
qalansia socotra

Day 5: Going to Shu’ab beach with dolphins

After breakfast at Detwah lagoon we  take a boat ride from Qalansyia to Shu’ab. Many cormamorants and dolphins on the way. We arrive at Shu’ab after a one hour trip and we will have lunch. Free afternoon to swim, enjoy this pristine beach or discovering the near area. In late afternoon we take the boat ride back to Qalansyia. Line fishing may also be possible from the boat, if you want fish for dinner of course.We will then go back to Hadibo for dinner and overnight in hotel.
shuab socotra

Day 6: Arher

After having breakfast, we drive by vehicle to Arher beach on the north east coast, which is a meeting point of salty and fresh water, with huge dunes going down from top of mountains, up the turquoise sea. We will enjoy swimming and exploring this site. Fantastic view from the top of the dunes is possible if you are strong enough to climb! Dinner and overnight camping at Arher, near of freshwater river.

arher socotra

Day 7: Dihamri marine protected area

Dihamri marine protected area is the one of the richest coral reefs of the archipelago. This is a good area for snorkeling or diving as well (diving is not included in the price of the trip). But please do not to touch the corals in the marine protected area as this would cause irreversible damage. Back to Hadibo for dinner and overnight at hotel in Hadibo.
dihamri socotra

Day 8 : Departure from Socotra

After an early breakfast, we will drope  to Socotra airport to take your morning flight to the mainland. If you are lucky, the aircraft pilot will flight over Socotra and you will be able to have an aeral view from the sites you have visited.


For different trips, informations, etc... please ask Mahdi:

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(NB: sometimes internet is down in Socotra, answers may be delayed, sorry!)